WIM: the Prompt

First Impression

Photo by Rahul Pandit on Unsplash

Oh my Goodness! This is an amazing picture to work with. The atmosphere speaks to me!

Like most of my projects, a scene played out in my head when I was looking at the prompt. I have an idea of where I might decided to take this and it falls right into my usual witchy vibe.

My first thought was who is the owner of the house and why are there no windows on the front wall with the door. Are they hiding from the world in the hilltop haven they have carved out from the woods? Why would someone isolate themselves? Who would seek them out? I have so many questions! That is what makes this such a perfect prompt.

I look forward to seeing how I can answer these questions!

Writer In Motion Project

While I haven’t been too active lately within the writing community outside of NaNoWriMo last year and a sad attempt at participating in the Writer’s Games (Thanks Covid and Fiance Deployment!), I have decided to dip my toes back in to the writing pool with a fun project!

I heard about Writer In Motion on Twitter last year when a friend of mine, CoffeeQuills, was posting about it. I didn’t feel strong enough about my writing to try and play along. This year, I have decided to give it a whirl.

So for the next 5 weeks, you will see an original short story based on a prompt given to us and then I will do revisions here on my blog. I was lucky enough to get one of 25 spots for a professional editor to help with the process. I have always been a messy editor so I am looking forward to seeing how this looks.

Want to follow along with the project?

Follow @WriterMotion on Twitter and the hashtags: #WriterInMotion and #WIMGames

May the Muses be ever in our favor

Behind the smoke and mirrors…

Why did I create this blog?

Once upon a time…

Books have always had a special place in my heart. For as long as I can remember, I had at least one book with me. By the time I was in high school, it had evolved to rotating a minimum of three. But then somehow as life changed and got quite hard at times, I gave up books.

Lost in the woods…

I had quite a life change. I was a divorced single mom. I couldn’t remember the last time I picked up a book that wasn’t for school. Then I fell into Booktube, Bookstagram, and Twitter. Something deep inside me sparked. The love I had felt for falling into words unknown was back. It started with one book I saw on twitter that looked amazing, followed by a suggested book by Amazon. Both arrived, and within the first chapters of the recommended book (A Dress for the Wicked by Autumn Krause), I was ready to dive back into the multitude of words that books could bring. Something still didn’t feel right though until a few weeks later when I was attempting to do the Contemporary-a-thon, hosted by a vary of amazing booktubers. That was where I fell in love with Emily and Simon(Well Met by Jen DeLuca). Through Emily and the found family of Willow Creek, I found something more powerful than my favorite book. I found myself again.

Mirror, Mirror

From that first book reawakening back in August, the idea of blogging my reviews bounced around my head. So as my new year resolution, here I am making my blog. The Usual Bookspects will feature book reviews of a variety of genres, creative writing samples from pieces I am working on, and bits and bobs from my life. Here is to new beginnings and finding favorites.