Hello, fellow Book Sleuths! Welcome to my bookish blog! My name is Nicole and I am a full-time mom, writer, and book reader living in the sweet southern peach state of Georgia.

What you can expect from this blog

I will be posting book reviews, monthly TBR (To Be Read), and Monthly wrap-ups as well updates on my writing process and successes throughout the year. I might even post a few movie reviews, if I get the notion. I will be reading and reviewing a variety of genres including Murder Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, and Thriller.

After I finish a book and during the monthly wrap-ups, I will assign a rating to the book and explain why I chose it. In these reviews, I will be 100% honest and open about how I feel about the book while trying to remain spoil-free unless I feel it is necessary like in the case of trigger warnings.

So pull up a chair at the interrogation table and lets examine the archetypes and tropes found in stories and find our Usual Bookspects!